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May give you the need to rip your eyes out

8/24/10 11:41 am - Derp

Summer is ending... erkkk I hate autumn. So dry, windy and those crazy wildfires!!
I hate wildfires. 8<
I am seriously going to move out of Southern California someday!

Other than Dasoku, I have been obsessed with Ren noww...
They make an awesome pairr. They should seriously do more duets lol. xD
Ren is pure crack. Although he should hold more lives. 8<<

Screencap from one of the lives they hold together~~~
I couldn't watch the entire thing though. :c

I think later Dasoku put on glasses. xD
It was awesome

7/26/10 03:53 pm - I've gotten Sweet Pool!!!

I've got Sweet Pool installed onto my computer now!
I was kind of worrying about compatibility problems because I am using Windows 7 but the installation was very smooth. c:

I have only played the a little but I LOVE the atmosphere of the game!
The soundtrack is pretty awesome too~~~
I can't wait to play more of it! c:

Though right now I need to start painting again. I have been neglecting my watercolors again LOL.
I reallly want to try out my new bristol paper. c:

Okayyy from now on, I shall start commenting and delurk at the comms I stalk!!
Lurking is a really bad habit of mine lol.

7/25/10 01:28 pm

I recently have really gotten into the utatema fandom.
DASOKU!!~~ <333

I really wish that there was not that big of a time difference between Japan and US... :c
Also I should be more active too.

Now I am mainly using this to stalk places... orz

*note to self
/attempts to delurk

5/28/10 09:16 am - Fwahhhh

Artblock has struck again. I really hate this ya'know?
Livejournal is still confusing for me right now. xD

Well I went to Ralphs yesterday and found a dollar on the ground~ Yay.
But then I found out the bakery section of the store had no donuts. :c

4/13/10 04:56 pm - First Journal!~ 8D

I have finally made a livejournal~ YAY.
I will probably post a lot of my daily scribbles/random doodles here because I like artsy things
I like BL games too.
Though my laptop hates all BL games so they are a pain to install LOL. xD;

I hope to make some friends here. c'8
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